Pilates is the type of workout that changes the way you feel and think about how you move.  Your current workout, posture, walking habits, and the way you move for your work and house projects will TOTALLY feel different.  You will move better and not just exercise for the sake of exercise.  You achieve so much more.

Pilates is structured to enhance your brain-body coordination while increasing flexibility, strength, posture and balance.  You tone-up, shrink your waist, decrease aches and pain, decrease stress and overall improve your health. Those that are consistent with Pilates sessions see the results in how they look and feel, have less pain in neck, back, shoulders, etc. because they have better posture and alignment and overall just feel they have new energy and strength!

Not all Pilates classes are created equal.  It is important to know who is teaching your classes and how they teach.  It is important that you are being corrected in your movement patterns. Joseph Pilates intended Pilates to be a "lifestyle" that enhances all aspects of your life.  It is key to learn Pilates correctly, in the correct form and advance as your body is ready.  We have programs available for all levels and abilities to start changing the way you feel and move.  Moving correctly keeps your joints healthier and decreases the strain on muscles and tendons. 

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