Dance Medicine


Medicine is the science and art of preventing and alleviating or curing disease. Dance medicine and science is the application of that realm to the

specific life and body of the dancer. As a discipline it investigates the causes of dance injuries, promotes their care, prevention and safe post-rehabilitation return to dance, and explores the how of dance movement. Some specific concerns include the biomechanical, physiological, and neuromotor aspects of dance, nutrition, psychological issues,

and the body therapies and somatics area.

         - Harkness Center (NY,NY)

As a former professional dancer, Heather Brummett and her team can relate to the high physical demands of dance and appreciate the particular needs of the dancer.

Dancers, gymnasts and ice skaters tend to have a high risk for injury due to the various postures and pressure on the body that is required during rehearsal and performance.  Common injuries are due to overuse, muscle imbalances, lack of appropriate flexibility and strength, and/or joint instabilities.  We test muscle strength and flexibility, evaluate joint and body alignment, and overall assess dance technique and range of motion for the dancers specific requirements.  Its also our commitment to educate the dancer patient on how to better position their body to aid in prevention and management of injuries. 

Balanced Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping dancers, gymnasts and ice skaters understand their bodies and movement patterns so they can make optimal use of their skill as a performer.  Whether you are recovering from an injury and need rehab or are trying to enhance your current performance, we are here to help you kick, leap, jump, turn, and overall dance stronger and with more intention!


Dr. Heather Brummett is a Board Certified Physical Therapist who specializes in working with dancers of all levels.  She has a unique style in her training sessions with the ability to educate the dancer in ways that they appreciate their bodies more.  She teaches simple ways to help the dancer keep his/her body strong!  She educates dancers in "dancer" anatomy, injury prevention and enhances technique and skills.  She helps dancers have some "ah-ha" moments and "get-it" to reduce or eliminate the click, pain or difficulty sustaining their level of performance, due to a recurrent injury or dysfunction.


With a background in training as a highly competitive dancer in her youth and adolescent years, followed by a  professional dance career in Los Angeles, Heather understands the demands of the dancer.  While dancing in LA, at the end of a full day training/taking classes, she injured her ankle which sparked her interest in dance medicine.


Since 2001, she has been sharing the knowledge she has learned along the way to help other dancers, dance instructors, dance parents and dance studio owners learn about the "dancer" anatomy, injury prevention and simple ways to enhance technique and improve performance.

Dance Medicine Sessions:

Solo Sessions

What to expect: You will have a comprehensive evaluation of your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination of specific dance movements.  Your alignment and posture will be assessed in both various dance positions and normal standing posture.  These findings, along with your goals, will determine your plan.  Typically 6-10 private sessions within 2 months can be expected.  After the initial solo sessions, then you are able to attend group classes, specifically for dancers and/or intelligent movement classes (which are scheduled throughout the week) if needed.  Often times, dancers like to attend at least 1x/week to keep up their skills and body awareness/training.


Dance Screens/Physicals

A dance evaluation, screen or physical is quick and very beneficial.  Find out if your muscles and joints are balanced and aligned for your best performances throughout the year and the rest of your life! 

All ages and levels of experience will benefit!

What to expect: You will go through a quick medical history questionnaire and answer a few specific questions about your dance, cheer leading or gymnastics.  After that, a dance medicine specialist will watch you complete specific movements (research tested and used with many professional companies) and assess your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, pointe and other measures as needed.

You will then be given specific exercises to work on to help you improve your performance.  In addition, there are specific Pilates for Dancers classes given throughout the week.

When: By appointment only
Cost: $150 for 60min assessment and program
Dress: Ready to move.  Exercise clothing that is most appropriate to see your body, lines and movement.

Please contact us to set up your appointment, 623.249.3216 or email us .   

Group Sessions

Duets, Trios or Quartets

What to expect: One initial solo session from each attendee is required in order to perform specific tests individually.  This will be needed to fine-tune your group session as much as possible for your specific goals.  Although in the sessions there will be 2, 3 or 4 dancers, your instructor will taper the exercises and add specific cues in order to work on the findings from your first evaluation session and meet your goals.  At any time you may also schedule solo sessions. 

Please contact us if you have a group and need a specific time.  Heather will make it as practical as possible for you to reach your goals!!

(It works best if you get a group of dancers together that work well together)


Pilates For Dancers

Fridays 3:30-4:30pm

(Please call for details.  2 programs thru/o the year.  Starts Fall 2015 and New Year 2016)
Train like the professional dancers do.  Learn specific Pilates exercises that give you the upper edge as a dancer!  This class is designed for you to enhance your skills in class and in competition.  We utilize the Pilates reformers, chairs and other props to engage the proper movement patterns.  Core principles and efficient movement patterns are learned and challenged.  You will move and perform differently with increased strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and overall power.  Your "center" will be enhanced and they will have better control of their body.  Bottom line: You will be better at what you do!  You will move efficiently and effortlessly meeting the demands and "lines" of your sport!


Group In-services at Your Studio

Book a session with Dr. Heather Brummett.  She has sessions planned for an hour( ) or a few throughout the day.  Choose what sessions you are interested in booking (see below) and she can structure the session to meet your specific goals for the session.  The sessions can be focused for dancers, dance instructors, or parents.  They can be taught separately or all together.


Group Events, Conventions, Conferences

Book a block of time(s) with Dr. Heather Brummett for your dance event.  Simply choose the topics of interest to share with your attendees.  The sessions can be geared towards various age groups of dancers, studio owners, dance instructors and parents.  Please email us if you need Heather to assist you in deciding what sessions would work best for your event.

She can also be available for your event at other times for dancers and parents Q&A on specific dance injuries, etc.


Dance Medicine Specific Sessions

Anatomy of the Dancer

Learn specific anatomy of the spine, hip, knee, neck and shoulder joints.  Find out what the clicks, pops, cracks, clunks and pain are all about. Find out how to keep the joint integrity to eliminate these annoying noises and pain!  They should NOT be happening consistently, regardless of pain.


Your "CORE," your "CENTER." What Exactly is it?

Learn what your CORE is! Learn the muscles of the core and how to train them.  Learn specific ways to connect to your core to fine-tune your core exercises that you are currently completing and maximize your results.  Not only will you be stronger and have more control, but you will have increased abdominal muscle tone, actually feel stronger and gain a new appreciation for your "center!"


Intelligent Movement Training

Put the Dancer Anatomy in Motion! Learn more specific exercises and stretches to help you improve technique with dance warm-ups and with cross training workouts.


Posture Session

Learn not only to have better posture, but have a posture that works for you! Slim your waist, prevent that hump from forming, eliminate/reduce neck and back pain.


Pilates for Dancers

Train like the professional dancers.  Learn specific Pilates exercises that give you the upper edge as a dancer!



To schedule a MASTER CLASS with Heather, read through the Dance Medicine Master Class sessions below, then, simply email her!


The Comprehensive Workshop for the Dancer


8:30-11:30am 11-13 year olds

12:30-3:30pm 14-18 year olds

This 2-day workshop is designed specifically for dancers to maximize their performance and take their skills to

the next level. Each student will be given hands-on attention and will have tools to take with them to

start using right away! Each will learn the dancer pearls that professional dancers are doing to maximize their performance and achieve their professional goals. If you are serious about being a dancer, then this 2-day workshop is for you! Learn from the leaders in the Valley!


Click below to read further info and details:


**It is important to note: This workshop is NOT intended to teach you how to dance. Your instructors at your studio are your dance teachers. The intention of this workshop is to give you tools to use to further enhance your skills as a dancer. We will providing handouts for you to keep for your reference.

Hope to see you there!

Please call or contact us with any questions or if you are having any difficulties in signing up for the workshop. Thank you.


"Being a Professional Ballet Dancer my body is my instrument, so when I get injured I want the best care and the best fit for my recovery process. When I found Balanced Physical Therapy, Pilates & Wellness Center and met Heather and discussed her Dance Medicine approach to my injury, I knew I had found the best fit.

Heather's attention to picking up the smallest in-balances in my body, and her ability to clearly explain to me how the bones and muscles attached in the body completely changed the way I think of my body and made me a better Ballet Dancer.

Having fully healed from injury and stronger then before, I can say that I'm grateful for all that Heather taught me. 
I highly recommend Balanced Physical Therapy, Pilates & Wellness Center to anyone in need of care, they are a wonderful team of amazing and supportive people."
Alanna Christina, Professional ballet Dancer


"As a dancer, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to have Heather as my physical therapist. Her knowledge of dance and Pilates has really helped me to find my strength and correct my body placement, two very important aspects of dance. It is something I truly feel all dancers should really be a part of.  In a short amount of time I have already learned so much and I know it will stay with me for a long time." 

Maria Burrola, Dancer/Choreographer


"Whether its recovering from an injury or just wanting to improve their overall flexibility and strength, Heather has helped many of my dancers achieve their peak performance.  Her experience as a dancer and her education as a Physical Therapist is what makes her unique."

Susan Allen, Teacher/Choreographer


"Working with Heather has greatly helped to improve my dance skills. With Pilates, she has been able to teach me how to position my body and prevent serious injuries.  Heather also helped me learn how to take care of an already bad back injury in order not to make it worse. Heathers teachings have helped me be able to become the dancer I am today. "

Shelby Laforest, Dancer/Choreographer

"Pilates for dancers has helped me in an abundance of ways throughout all dance styles.  It has helped me center my core, which makes balancing, direction change, and overall stability much better. In ballet especially, I can apply what I learned in class to make my core stronger and jumps higher.  Throughout the year I have begun to see vast improvements when it comes to my movement which is very rewarding.  Pilates also helps me become aware of my body in order to  prevent injury and heal pain.  This class is very beneficial and I recommend it to any dancer, beginning or advanced."
Hannah L., Performance Dancer, Royal Dance Works