Dance Medicine

“Medicine is the science and art of preventing and alleviating or curing disease. Dance medicine and science is the application of that realm to the

specific life and body of the dancer. As a discipline it investigates the causes of dance injuries, promotes their care, prevention and safe post-rehabilitation return to dance, and explores the ‘how’ of dance movement. Some specific concerns include the biomechanical, physiological, and neuromotor aspects of dance, nutrition, psychological issues,

and the body therapies and somatics area.”

         - Harkness Center (NY,NY)

As a former professional dancer, Heather Brummett and her team can relate to the high physical demands of dance and appreciate the particular needs of the dancer.

Dancers, gymnasts and ice skaters tend to have a high risk for injury due to the various postures and pressure on the body that is required during rehearsal and performance.  Common injuries are due to overuse, muscle imbalances, lack of appropriate flexibility and strength, and/or joint instabilities.  We test muscle strength and flexibility, evaluate joint and body alignment, and overall assess dance technique and range of motion for the dancers specific requirements.  Its also our commitment to educate the dancer patient on how to better position their body to aid in prevention and management of injuries. 

Balanced Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping dancers, gymnasts and ice skaters understand their bodies and movement patterns so they can make optimal use of their skill as a performer.  Whether you are recovering from an injury and need rehab or are trying to enhance your current performance, we are here to help you kick, leap, jump, turn, and overall dance stronger and with more intention!

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Fridays 3:30-4:30pm
This class is designed for you to enhance your skills in class and in competition.  We utilize the Pilates reformers, chairs and other props to engage the proper movement patterns.  Core principles and efficient movement patterns are learned and challenged.  You will move and perform differently with increased strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and overall power.  Your "center" will be enhanced and they will have better control of their body.  Bottom line: You will be better at what you do!  You will move efficiently and effortlessly meeting the demands and "lines" of your sport!



The Comprehensive Workshop for the Dancer


8:30-11:30am 11-13 year olds

12:30-3:30pm 14-18 year olds

This 2-day workshop is designed specifically for dancers to maximize their performance and take their skills to

the next level. Each student will be given hands-on attention and will have tools to take with them to

start using right away! Each will learn the dancer pearls that professional dancers are doing to maximize their performance and achieve their professional goals. If you are serious about being a dancer, then this 2-day workshop is for you! Learn from the leaders in the Valley!


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**It is important to note: This workshop is NOT intended to teach you how to dance. Your instructors at your studio are your dance teachers. The intention of this workshop is to give you tools to use to further enhance your skills as a dancer. We will providing handouts for you to keep for your reference.

Hope to see you there!

Please call or contact us with any questions or if you are having any difficulties in signing up for the workshop. Thank you.



"As a dancer, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to have Heather as my physical therapist. Her knowledge of dance and Pilates has really helped me to find my strength and correct my body placement, two very important aspects of dance. It is something I truly feel all dancers should really be a part of.  In a short amount of time I have already learned so much and I know it will stay with me for a long time." 

Maria Burrola, Dancer/Choreographer


"Whether its recovering from an injury or just wanting to improve their overall flexibility and strength, Heather has helped many of my dancers achieve their peak performance.  Her experience as a dancer and her education as a Physical Therapist is what makes her unique."

Susan Allen, Teacher/Choreographer


"Working with Heather has greatly helped to improve my dance skills. With Pilates, she has been able to teach me how to position my body and prevent serious injuries.  Heather also helped me learn how to take care of an already bad back injury in order not to make it worse. Heathers teachings have helped me be able to become the dancer I am today. "

Shelby Laforest, Dancer/Choreographer