Movement Physical


Have you had your Movement Physical?

Most of us are aware of sports and dance physicals, but are you aware that you need a movement physical?  Balanced Physical Therapy, Pilates & Wellness Center has created a "Movement Physical"

to help you prevent annoying pain and injury that most likely will occur as you age. 

In your teens and 20's?

Important for Posture and Eliminate Pain


In your 30's ? 
Make sure you are flexible and strong in certain muscles
to keep you healthy in your 40s.

In your 40's ?

The magic "mileage" number! If you haven't yet, it's time to see us.  40 is the magical age that we start to "notice" and "feel" the effects of our posture and lack of flexibility and strength in

particular muscles and joints.

In your 50's 

Keep up important flexibility and strength to get you
moving better and stay strong!

In your 60's? 

Keep strong to be able to tie your shoes and improve your balance to get dressed or change that darn light bulb.  So many people start to really decline in their 60s.

In Your 70s? 

It's not too late! Keep strong to continue to get out of a chair easily (without hands too!), take your choice of a bath or shower, walk a flight of stairs (several), and be more motivated to keep moving!

In your 80s? 

Prevent from having to have others help you in and out of a chair.  Be able to move in bed more easily.  Be safe and independent to go and get your newspaper and pick up items off the floor.   


Life happens quick. 
Stay healthy and independent as long as you can. 
Our lack of certain movement hurts us in the future. 
Be prepared!  


The Movement Physical consists of 2 one-hour sessions.  One session is to evaluate your body, and discuss findings / answer questions.  The second session is to learn the best exercises for your body to keep you moving better throughout your life. 

Fee: $225


1) You can schedule your sessions back-to-back, blocking out a 2-hour session

2) Additional sessions are available if you need.  Some people like to follow-up monthly to enhance their exercise program and/or ask questions.  It is not necessary, but it adds to additional understanding that may need more time.

Sessions with Dr. Heather Brummett, PT, DPT, CSCS, PMA-CPT