Pilates Instructor Training


New Course begins next Fall 2018!  Start Planning today!

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training Starts November 2018  (Dates TBA)

Comprehensive Pilates Program

Master over 130 Pilates exercises across a full spectrum of apparatuses, including Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and props. By learning a comprehensive repertoire of movement techniques, you can continuously provide and refresh your clients with goal-oriented movement experiences.

The series consists of six, two-day modules that allow you to evaluate the practical applications of Pilates exercises, develop assessment techniques, understand movement sequences, and modify exercises and programs for individuals. Completion of the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Program qualifies you to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certification exam. Sit for our Polestar Pilates Centralized Exam to become a Polestar Practitioner.

S/R 1  NOV
S/R 2  DEC
S/R 3  JAN
S/R 4  FEB
S/R 5  MAR
S/R 6  APR

"The Polestar Pilates Comprehensive series is an amazing program.  As a physical therapist, it was important for me to work with educators and mentors that are therapists themselves with extensive rehab and biomechanics knowledge.  Heather has all that and more as an instructor - her style is positive, warm and thoughtful, which was extremely valuable to me during some of those long training days.  Through Polestar Pilates, I gained a deeper sense of what it means to truly move well for myself and my clients."
Jennifer Wilson, PT, PMA-CPT

"Heather is knowledgeable, organized, and has high expectations of her students. I was well prepared and felt confident throughout the weekend of testing for the final exam. I'm  grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Heather that's furthered my knowledge and skills and what I am able to offer to my patients/clients."
- Susan Chung, PT, DPT, PMA-CPT

"I am so grateful to Heather for her top-notch training in the Comprehensive Polestar Pilates series. Her incredible attention to detail and passion for movement gave me a solid foundation in understanding the benefits and functionality of Pilates for both rehab and wellness. She emphasized not only effective teaching, but the importance of how to feel the movements in our own bodies, in order to truly understand and safely modify Pilates for clients across the spectrum of health. I recommend Heather and Polestar Pilates training for anyone who wants an exceptional educational experience. "

- Michelle Gavura, MSPT, Polestar Certified Pilates Rehab Practitioner

"Whether you're seeking to deepen your own Pilates practice, or your ability to help and heal others through their own practices, Heather is an amazing resource. I had the unique opportunity to work alongside Heather in her Glendale Physical Therapy clinic as well as study under her while seeking my Polestar Pilates certification.  Her personal experience and expertise in Pilates is unparalleled; given her background as not only a dancer, but also a physical therapist, she teaches with an understanding of the demands of human anatomy and physiology that in my personal experience is often lacking in other Pilates teachings. As I myself am a current practioner in medicine, health and wellness, Heather's thorough knowledge and  understanding of the various body systems and their vast application to Pilates practice and instruction was invaluable in my journey to expand my own personal practice application,  Thank you Heather!"

 - Krysten Axelson PT, DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

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