New to our Pilates?



We have made it simple, you have 2 options to start into our classes:

Option 1: You can sign-up for 1-10 private sessions and then progress to the

appropriate class.  The Instructor will assess your movement and then decide if you are ready for a class.  If you have done structured Pilates sessions prior, most likely you will need only a few privates.

Option 2: You can sign-up for Level I & II Reformer Series Progression (Consists of two 8-week series of classes):

You would start with Level I & II series and then progress into regularly scheduled classes. Level I Series is the foundations phase of training.  In this series, you are mastering foundational skills that will allow you to build strength and coordination for the next series.  Level 2 Series is the movement integration phase of training.  In this series you are starting to challenge your balance, strength and flexibility in a more dynamic style.  All movements are integrated and flow together to challenge and enhance your strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. 

The 2 series are specifically designed to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, posture and overall change the way you move and feel for the rest of your life.  This approach to exercise is unique and different than you have ever experienced before. You will learn correct and efficient movement patterns to keep you and your joints healthy. The movements you learn and the way you move translates into all that you do thru/o your day.  After only 10 weeks, your posture will be changed. Your sports, activities and overall body will be changed.  Once you have taken our Level I and II series progression, then you are able to sign-up for all other classes.


If you want to see if Pilates is right for you, come to our complimentary session every other Friday. Overall, our programs are worth your time and expense.  Our dedication to getting you the results you want and expect are exceeded.  You won't be disappointed.

You will be relieved that you finally found a place to workout that cares about you, your health and genuinely wants the best for you!


Group Reformer Level I & II Series Schedule


NEW series starting all the time...  Please call us to coordinate the best time for you.  We have morning and evening times available.

Level I and II (Meets 2x/week for 8 weeks)                


Need to start a little later...  please call us at the front office and let us know when you would like to start and get your name on the list.  623.249.3216 or click here to email us and Stephanie, our Pilates Coordinator, will get back in contact with you!

 As a new student to our clinic, once you have taken the Level I & II Reformer Series Progression, then you can sign-up for any of our other classes.