New to our Pilates?



New to Pilates at Balanced....

You would start with a private session.  At this session you will be assessed to whether or not you are able to join right into one of our classes or need to continue with privates sessions. 

We want to meet all of your goals. This includes: your time, your budget and most importantly your fitness/functional goals!  If you are wanting to be in a class vs. a private session, you must be at or near the same level as the group to join the group.  This requires at least 1 private session.  Our instructors will place you in the best situation to meet your goals.  Often times a person may only need 2-5 privates, but there are some of you that may need 10 privates.  Usually the ones that need 10 private sessions are those that have never been in a movement class or understand how to move their body, etc.  Either way, we are here for you and want the BEST for you!!

Please contact the front office at 623.249.3216 or email to sign-up
.  We will be happy to answer all of your questions and help with registration.