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Five Reasons to Choose Balanced Physical Therapy


Your situation is unique.  Although your diagnosis may be similar to another patients condition, the ideal treatment may be different.  Whether its a minor ache, recovering from an injury, or getting back to full strength after surgery, there should never be a cookie-cutter method when it comes to improving your health.  That is why we are proud to be able to offer these uncommon advantages to our patients.


1.                 Personal Attention.  You are never treated by anyone other than your licensed physical therapist.  Your care is never delegated to another staff member at the clinic.  For the full hour, you have the attention of your physical therapist. 

2.                 You Call the Shots.  This may sound simple, but we listen to you.  You are unique and your pain is unique.  Your personal physical therapist uses your feedback as their guidepost on how to get you feeling better quickly.

3.                 Our Priority Is You.  BPT is owned and operated by a licensed physical therapist.  Why is this important?  Our ownerships primary goal is consistent with your personal therapists objective - to help you feel better quickly, and ultimately, permanently.


4.                 We Share Our Expertise.  We help our patients reduce pain, develop and restore maximum function, and prevent disability at our clinic.  However, we want you to experience relief on your own, too.  This is why we teach you proper movement and pain-management techniques so you can reduce your pain independently and achieve long-lasting health benefits.


5.                 Our Approach Leads to Lower Costs.  To us, improving your physical health also includes maintaining the health of your bank account.  Our goal during every visit is to get you closer to a long-term solution to your pain - not only temporary relief until we see you at the next appointment.  Our approach of personalized attention from a licensed physical therapist, mixed with our customized treatment plan helps ensure that your time with us is maximized and you get to a lasting solution more quickly.  Not only does this approach make you potentially eliminate pain faster, but it saves you money as well!


We welcome the opportunity to help you recover and hope you'll choose our specialized care so you can see the difference for yourself.  Depending on your condition, your physical therapist will develop a plan of care that's tailored for you.  Our commitment is that within the first visit, you can expect to have greater awareness of your body.  In three to four sessions, you can look forward to living your daily life with less pain.  Please contact us and experience our friendly, family-like atmosphere in our modern facility so you can move forward with your life!